Myrtle Beach in South Carolina boasts 100 KM of sandy beaches, vibrant entertainment options, diverse dining experiences, numerous attractions, and a rich history, making it a great destination for leisure and exploration.

Welcome to The Beach

We are proud to tell everyone about our home, which has 100 KM of sandy beach and, oh, so much more. Beyond our famous boardwalk, The Beach has live music; theaters offering dinner and a show, from battles between medieval knights to murder mysteries to a Polynesian luau. We have, literally, thousands of restaurants serving a wide range of cuisines, plus amusement parks, a fabulous aquarium, more than 90 beautiful golf courses, fishing and a full spectrum of other watersports. Among our 14 unique communities we also have quiet towns that glow with coastal charm and are filled with South Carolina’s Lowcountry history and culture. Myrtle Beach has everything you want and we have everything you need to know. Come enjoy!


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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Shag Dancing in North Myrtle Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to visit Myrtle Beach?

A: With average year-round temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius and 215 days of sun per year makes visiting Myrtle Beach a fantastic year round destination. If you are a Golfer looking for that milder temperature without the humidity then April – May and Oct-Nov are ideal. 

  • How do you get to Myrtle Beach from Canada?

A: Myrtle Beach Airport (MYR) has a variety of connecting flights coming in from across Canada. Air Canada will be flying direct from Toronto into Charleston daily in 2024, and Myrtle Beach is a 2 hours drive from Charleston. The drive to Myrtle Beach is also an easy 15 hours from Toronto or Montreal areas.

  • What's new in Myrtle Beach for 2024/2025?

A: We are excited to share that a Margaritaville Resort and Compass by Margaritaville Hotel will be opening in 2025 in downtown Myrtle Beach. As well, the new Popstroke Golf attraction is opening in April of this year, which is a high level 18 hole putting range with beer garden and restaurant. 

  • What's something that most Canadians don't know about Myrtle Beach that they should know?

A: Myrtle Beach has been a mecca for Canadian Snowbirds however they might not have known that there is a Canadian Snowbird Golf Membership deal where for $47 USD you can get a Myrtle Beach Golf Passport membership that gets you discounted rates at over 70 courses. On top of the best rates on green and cart fees at courses along the Grand Strand, the Golf Passport members also receive special offers from a variety of local businesses that will greatly enhance the value of the Passport membership card.

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